What We Offer

As industry leaders, we offer a wide spectrum of knowledge to our members within the association in terms of gaining credibility and recognition.

Adding Values

Members are provided with values such as memberships and discounts along with life insurance cover and more add ons.

Quality & Standards

EMA SL has always been more conscious and focused on raising the quality and standard of the event industry and is dedicated to this goal.

Knowledge exchange

With over 50 industry pioneers on aboard, the knowledge exchanged among members about industry perks and constraints would be vastly valuable.

Building Harmony

Building a platform for both the giants and the amateures to meet and work in order to bring up harmony within the industry

Local & International recognition

By collaborating with EEMA SL and being officially recognized by the Sri Lankan government, EMA SL will put its members in the limelight both inside and outside of Sri Lanka.

Maintaining Ethic

The ethics within the industry and outside intially has been up raised due to the association and the code of conduct

With members with more than a decade of expertise, we strive to improve the standard of events and weddings to a world stage where we can compete Internationally.

How to be a part of EMA

A registered event business in Sri Lanka that has been in operation for at least 5 years and
has completed 30 events in the previous 5 years.

Event Management Companies

Event Management Companies

Event Support Service Companies

Event Support Service Companies

Wedding Planning Companies

Wedding Planning Companies

Need Help?

Contact our customer support team if you have any further questions. We are here to help you out

+94 114 544 994[email protected]